Resolution Revolution

Children’s author Julie Hedlund, challenged participants of her 12 Days of Christmas for Writers series to post SUCCESSES (rather than resolutions) on our blogs this year. She believes the way New Year’s resolutions are traditionally made come from a place of negativity – what DIDN’T get done or achieved in the previous year. Instead, she suggests we set goals for the New Year that BUILD on our achievements from the previous one. I decided to participate in this Anti-Resolution Revolution! Here is my list for 2016.unnamed

  1. Telling people I am a writer and believing it myself.
  2. Finding an awesome critique partner.
  3. Being told I give good critiques.
  4. Participating in the 12X12 Craft Book discussions.
  5. Finally finding a way to write a picture book about loss.
  6. Getting a spark for a story while on vacation.
  7. Getting a request for a Revise and Resubmit from an agent for that story.
  8. Finding a much better balance in my writing life.
  9. Writing a story with a door as a main character who has a great personality.
  10. Started using a treadmill desk.
  11. Passed the 150 rejection mark. (But no word on the R&R yet.)
  12. Used the emotions from the election to spark a girl power story.

Peace and Love and Writing!


9 thoughts on “Resolution Revolution

    • Chris M. Regier says:

      The only thing I don’t love about writing is how it messes with my back, so I’m hoping the treadmill desk will help with that. Glad to hear you like yours! And I’ve never had so clear an image of my main character as I did after the election. Tiny, fists clenched, staring into the roaring mouth of the monster. She won’t be leaving me alone until I get her story right.


  1. Gabi Snyder says:

    This is a wonderful list, Chris. Congratulations! And I need a treadmill desk. What a fantastic idea! Congrats on the R&R — that’s huge! And I love that you found a way to turn your emotions about the election into a girl power story!


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