Every March for the past five years I’ve pored over, proof-read, and polished my then-favorite manuscript and entered it in the SCBWI work-in-progress contest. And then I’ve gone on to the next project and the next and the next until March rolls around again and I send in that year’s favorite.

So yesterday, when I received an email with “SCBWI WIP Winner!” in the subject line, my first thought was, “Oh, how nice. They’re sending me a list of the winners.” And I was right, they were.


I got the shakes. I cried. I’m still a little flummoxed. But I’m also very, very happy.

Of course, I’m hoping this leads to more, but even if it doesn’t, it was just the thing I needed. At just the time I needed it.

Now. It’s time to go work on the next project.

Love, Chris

9 thoughts on “Believe!

  1. Christy Mihaly says:

    Hey Chris, I was so excited to see this list of winners, with you leading the pack. Congratulations! We met at SCBWI last summer (a year ago already!?) and compared notes on hay and other farm things. I know how much heart and sweat you’ve put into your writing, so, yay you! Big congrats and great good luck with this WIP and all your writing. So wonderful!
    Chris Mihaly


    • Chris M. Regier says:

      Hi Christy! Thank you so much. The manuscript that won the award is one I was mulling over during my time at Highlights, which is where I met you. I’m pretty sure that place is magic.

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  2. Kate Garchinsky says:

    Chris! This is so exciting! I’m sorry I didn’t see it until just now! What has winning done for your writing since then?


    • Chris M. Regier says:

      Kate! It is exciting! As for how winning has affecting my writing, I’m still waiting to see as far as this particular piece goes. SCBWI presented the winning stories to roughly 40 agents and editors in November and so far I’ve had one agent ask for more manuscripts. As for how winning has affected my writing in general, a comment in the above mentioned agent request convinced me it was time to take the middle grade novel idea that has been tumbling around in my head for a couple of years and put it on paper. It’s a whole different animal, and remembering how to write an outline is making my brain hurt, but I’m learning something new and that makes me happy.
      Love seeing the instagram posts of your new puppy! And your art. Always your art.


  3. ingridboydston says:

    OH MY GOSH! You may not remember me, but I remember you Chris! You gave me some fabulous feedback when I was doing 12×12. I was just looking into this grant opportunity ( I always look but have not yet submitted) and found you here. Congratulations! You can now add “assisted AND inspired” a fellow writer to your list of accomplishments. I’ve dusted off some of my old WIPS, including a couple you helped with. Perhaps I will go ahead and jump in this year. Either way, congratulations, than you and my the best to you.


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