“What you are feeling is scared. What you are doing is brave.”

Tried really hard to remember this today as I got up to read a first page of a story to a room full of strangers so they could tell me what they thought of it.

I was very, very brave, if you go by the above quote.



Alice and I read John Agee’s delightful story, “It’s Only Stanley.” Written in rhyme so good you don’t realize it IS rhyme until you are a couple of pages in, this book is a delight to read. And while the story itself is wonderful all on its own, the illustrations tell a separate but equally funny story themselves. Alice particularly liked seeing what would happen to the cat next. And Stanley may just be Gromit’s (of Wallace and Gromit fame) cousin. A giant “Cheese!” smile from Alice.

Wheat Field

Across the valley the wheat field grows.
Captured sun in rustling rows.
Quilted fields of rumpled squares
hide the mouse the coyote scares.

The wheat this year is gorgeous. I’d be more excited about that if we weren’t still trying to sell last year’s crop.