Happy New Year!

Two years ago, Mike and I tried to get to the top of Snow Peak and failed miserably. Today we made it.

Just as we turned onto the logging road going up to the old fire lookout we came across this beauty. It flew along the road, just ahead of the Jeep, before finally taking off into the tree tops. It was a lovely welcome.


We hit snow part way up.


And more snow.


Just enough to let us know we weren’t alone.



And just the right amount to make for a lovely hike.

And a slippery final scramble to the top.


Where Cola showed us up.

But the view was worth it.

And the company was grand.


We did a little math and decided we’ve been coming up here for 40 years. Here’s to another 40.

Love, peace, and a long and happy life!



Snow Peak Rescue

We’ve had a lot of snow this year. More than normal, and it has stayed on the ground longer than normal. But that didn’t stop me from wanting to go play in more snow. Since we were kids, Mike and I have been going to Snow Peak. We have a lifetime of good memories associated with this place.

We drove up, thinking we would stop when the snow got too deep. There is a logging road that takes you to a short trail that climbs up to an abandoned fire lookout. You can see the whole world from up there, it seems like. That was our goal.

So we set off on a bright, sunny day. And we almost made it. But this year the snow was deep. So deep, we got stuck for the first time ever. And had to call for help.

We did manage to get some hiking in. We walked back down the road to meet our rescuer. Adam, you are my hero.


Making the best of it.



Tiny little mouse butt prints!



We dug and spun for about an hour. Adam pulled us out in a few minutes.

Next time, we’ll wait for a warmer winter.