Storybook Babies

My children are grown and raising their own children, the puppy sleeps through the night, and the cat has been re-homed. You would think a good night’s sleep was guaranteed.

However, I’ve been birthing a whole new set of storybook babies who clamor at me at all times of the night wanting their stories told. Man, oh man, they’re a noisy bunch!



Alice and I read John Agee’s delightful story, “It’s Only Stanley.” Written in rhyme so good you don’t realize it IS rhyme until you are a couple of pages in, this book is a delight to read. And while the story itself is wonderful all on its own, the illustrations tell a separate but equally funny story themselves. Alice particularly liked seeing what would happen to the cat next. And Stanley may just be Gromit’s (of Wallace and Gromit fame) cousin. A giant “Cheese!” smile from Alice.